GRE Red & Blue Bible

GRE Red & Blue Bible 7.0.2

Improve your results on GRE test

GRE Red & Blue Bible is a very useful tool that will help you to improve your scores on a GRE test. This application includes several tools to help you study and learn for this exam. GRE Red & Blue Bible allows you to change its language between Chinese and English in case you are a Chinese speaker that wants to take the GRE. This application will help you to improve your skills more efficiently than other tools. GRE Red & Blue Bible guarantees you that it contains 99.99% of words included in GRE test for present and future versions. It includes a remembering method of by Hermann Ebbinghaus called Curve of Forgetting. This application also includes several sample questions of Analogy and Antonym for future tests and all words of Barron. This tool includes a Flashcard recommended by ETS. You can choose different wordlists for better understanding or view words in a random order. GRE Red & Blue Bible is the tool you need to have to improve your results on the GRE.